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Practical Rheology

Course Content:

Introduction to rheology
Basic principles, flow curves, flow models, dynamic properties, solution
           properties, normal forces
Instrumentation: types of rheometers, rotational rheometers, cone and plate
           rheometers, characterization, how to choose the right rheometer
Rheological additives, thickening effects, natural thickeners, modified natural
           thickeners, clays, acrylic thickeners, associative thickeners, other thickeners
Thickening mechanisms, interactions with various ingredients, entanglements,
          alkali swellable mechanisms, associative mechanisms, effect of surfactants and
          dispersants, effect on system properties
Examples: Solvent-based systems, water-based systems, adhesives and
          sealants, paints, grease, personal care
Model formulations and analysis of the effect of rheological additives on a
          system of your choice  
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