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If you  don't see your conference, course or event in the following list, would like to add a conference to the list or have comments and suggestions, please contact us at events@hydan.com

While we check every entry, information and web addresses change frequently. If you do not find the link or you have been transferred to the wrong site, please type the home page address for the event. We will appreciate it if you could inform us of any broken or missing links and we will correct it as soon as we can. Thank you.


  • Smart Coatings 2019, February 20-22, 2019, Orlando, FL, Website: www.smartcoatings.org
  • ACS Meeting, March 31-April 4, 2019, Orlando, FL, Website: www.acs.org
  • Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC2019), April 8-11, 2019, Portoroz, Slovenia, Website: www.rheology-esr.com  
  • 5th International Soft Matter Conference, June 3 - 7, 2019, Edinburgh, UK, Website: https://www.ismc2019.ed.ac.uk/

  • 9th International Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Rheology, Pythagorion, Samos, Greece, June 24 - 27, 2019, Website: http://mathweb.aegean.gr/hsr2019/welcome.php  
  • Polymer Composites and High Performance Materials, Rohnert Park, CA, July 21-24, 2019, Website: https://www.polyacs.net/19composites

  • ACS Meeting, August 25-29, 2019, San Diego, CA, Website: www.acs.org
  • European School on Rheology, September 2-6, 2019, Leuven, Belgium, Website: https://cit.kuleuven.be/smart/rheoschool
  • Microfluidics and Surface Rheology, ECIS Training Course, September 6-7, 2019, Leuven, Belgium, Website: www.ecis2019.com
  • Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Science, ECIS 2019, September 8-13, 2019, Website: www.ecis2019.com
  • Advances in Polyolefins (APO–2019), September 22-25, 2019, Rohnert Park, CA, Website: https://www.polyacs.net/19apo

  • 25th IFSCC Conference, September 30-October 2, 2019, Milan, Italy, Website: www.ifscc2019.com
  • 4th International Conference on Rheology and Modelling of Materials, October 7-11, 2019, Miskolc-Lillaford, Hungary, Website: www.ic-rmmconf.eu
  • SOR Short Course on Rheology, October 19-20, 2019, Raleigh, North Carolina, Website: www.rheology.org
  • 91st Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, October 20-24, 2019, Raleigh, North Carolina, Website: www.rheology.org
  • Next Generation Smart Materials, December 15-18, 2019, Savannah, GA, Website: www.polyacs.net/19nextgen
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase, December 17-18, 2019, New York, NY, Website: www.scconline.org  


  • ACS Meeting, March 22-26, 2020, Philadelphia, PA, Website: www.acs.org
  • ACS Meeting, August 23-27, 2020, San Francisco, CA, Website: www.acs.org
  • 18th International Congress on Rheology, August 2-7, 2020, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Website: www.icr2020.com
  • 25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM), August 23-28, 2020, Milano, Italy, Website: www.ictam2020.org


  • 92nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, February 21-25, 2021, Austin, TX, Website: www.rheology.org
  • Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology, PRCR2021, August, 1-6, 2021, Vancouver, Canada, Website:
  • 93rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, October 2021, Bangor, Maine, Website: www.rheology.org


  • 94th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, October 2022, Website: www.rheology.org


  • 19th International Conference on Rheology, July 29 - August 4, 2023, Athens, Greece, Website:


  • 95th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, February 2024, Website: www.rheology.org
  • 96th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, October 2024, Website: www.rheology.org


  • 97th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, October 2025, Website: www.rheology.org